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Do you need a brand new name?

One of the most difficult aspects of a brand innovation process is often the creation of a new name. Over the years I have been involved in the conception of various new brands. This summer I worked with an international team to create a new name for an investment platform. In the search process for new names we distinguished many different categories in which we explored possibilities. Below I share a few of them:

The Concepts

These names are my personal favourite. They are connected to who you are and what you do. Without simply describing it. They summarize in one word the purpose or Big Idea behind your company. For example: THE UNDUTCHABLES: The recruitment agency for Internationals. HAVE A NICE HOME: for an estate agent who goes the extra mile to find you a home that fits you. YOUNIQUE: an investment platform that give you personal advice. IZI WASH IT: A new Laundry concept that make it out of home washing more accessible for the mass. Or StandiStrong (Staiksterk) for a platform about consumer rights.

The Obvious.

One of my Golden Rules in marketing and branding is: Don’t be afraid of the obvious. You don’t have to be always creative. A clear description of who you are and what are you do, can simply do the job. For example: The Consumer Authority. SubsidieShop, Holiday Inn, Kitchen Aid and maybe also Facebook…

The Invented

It is worthwhile to try to invent a completely new word: Google, Viagra and Kodak for example are all completely made up words.

The Recognizable

It is always good if there is some recognition in your name. Take Marqt. It stands for Market with a Q. You recognize immediately that it is a supermarket, but not an ordinary one.

The Alliterations

Also a interesting category to explore is names that alliterate or rhyme. Connecting two words with the same begin or end letter will make that the name sticks much better in the memory of people: Coca Cola, MediaMarkt, PayPal, Dunkin Donuts, Bovag Best Buy and again SubsidieShop.nl.

Creating a name is of course only a small part of the development process of a new brand.

If you want to know more about this please reach out, I am happy to share more insights.


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