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Arjan Kapteijns


Een school voorbeeld van hoe je met liefde, creativiteit en consistentie een sterk merk bouwt

Gistermiddag had ik de eer om als gastspreker weer 100 nieuwe TIAS alumni te mogen verwelkomen op de TIAS Graduation Day.

Bij het voorbereiden van mijn speech besefte ik me ineens, dat net zo lang als ik heb mogen zorgen voor mijn 19 jarige zoons Joep en Max, ik heb mogen meebouwen aan het TIAS merk.

Vanaf de merknaam, de merkstrategie, het Never Stop Asking concept tot en met alle stappen in de digitale transformatie, de voortschrijdende ontwikkeling van de visuele merkidentiteit, de rebranding van Tias naar TiasNimbas en weer terug naar TIAS, van de ontwikkeling van de alumni-strategie tot en met product innovaties en nog zoveel meer.

Dat maakte me dankbaar en trots tegelijk. In mijn speech heb ik daarom een kort beeld geschetst van de succesvolle evolutie van het TIAS merk.

Wat mij betreft een school voorbeeld van hoe je met liefde, creativiteit en consistentie een sterk merk bouwt.

Hieronder mijn speech. Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.36.14


Good Afternoon, Dear Graduates, Dear Guests, Spouses, Kids, Parents, Grand-Parents,

Dear Dean and all staff of TIAS,

Thank you for having me on this beautiful day

First of all I want to give all my warmest congratulations

With this great achievement.

My name is Arjan Kapteijns

And as mentioned in the intro, I am a TIAS Alumnus, from some while ago

It is really an honour for me to address you on behalf of all TIAS Alumni

Today is a memorable day

Not only we celebrate all your individual graduations.

We also celebrate the birth of more than 100 new Brand Advocates.

And actually we can celebrate something more

Today we can also celebrate the 18the birthday of the TIAS Brand

Therefore I will share with you today

a short story about the evolution of our beloved TIAS brand.

I am able to do so, because I was so lucky to be around during most of these years

Not only as alumnus, but also as marketing advisor of various Deans and Marketing directors

It all started with an afternoon like this back in 1998

In that time I was Strategy and New Business director of an Advertising agency in Amsterdam

And after I graduated of my Master in Marketing

I went to the Dean of that time, Professor Philippe Naert

And told him I learnt a lot at TIAS

But that in my humble opinion,

TIAS could also learn something from me.

From that moment I became part of an exiting team

of heavy weight marketing professors

With the assignment to develop a new brand positioning and identity

You should know, In that time the official brand name was:

Tilburg Institute of Advanced Studies.

The logo, you can imagine, covered almost the whole letterhead.

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We started the project by conducting a quick brand audit

The conclusion was

the Product Quality was great.

And the ambitions even bigger.

But internal culture was very introvert

the institute unknown and not really marketing oriented

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.42.58

The first decision that was made

was to introduce TIAS as the new brand name

And to forget where the abbreviation originally stood for

We also decided to ad a descriptor to the brand.

If you are a Business School, why not call yourself a business school

We also decided to position TIAS Business School

as a New Generation Business School.

A business school that offered the unique combination

of Frontiers of Knowledge and Actionability.

With an Innovative, Reliable and not to forget: a more Out Going and Extrovert Brand Personality.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.43.09

Here you see a picture of the first corporate brochure of the TIAS brand

It introduces the new name, the new logo and

the new identity, with RED as a more extrovert primary colour

Most business schools in that time were very conservative

and used Blue, Black or Brown.

The brochure also introduced NEVER STOP ASKING

Never Stop Asking is more than a slogan

It is meant as an Organizing Idea that gives direction to all marketing activities

And it’s great to see; that also today it is still alive and kicking

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.43.19

NEVER STOP ASKING stands for the Art of Questioning

Every scientist knows:

If old answers don’t work anymore

We have to start looking for new questions

But NEVER STOP ASKING also stands for the service mentality of the people of TIAS

The mentality of Always Going the extra Mile.

I am sure you all recognise this.

TIAS itself did also not Stop

Actually. It started GROWING. Rapidly.

It developed itself into a real marketing organisation

And a strong brand in a digital world.

Here you see a picture of the first ever TIAS Business School websiteSchermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.43.36

And this was the second

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.43.44

And this the third


Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.43.59

Here you also see the rebranding into TiasNimbas,

After the acquisition of Nimbas

You also see the rapid expansion from 1 to 6 locations

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.44.08

And TIAS still did not stop

It kept riding the waves of time

Some years ago, our Dean Professor Kees Koedijk felt

it was time to make a next step in the development of the brand

He saw a new discourse emerging

A discourse where people and organisations are eager to find new purposes

A discourse where economical success and societal progress should go hand in hand

A discourse where there is more focus on integrity, social responsibility and sustainable business models.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.44.15

A discourse for Brands with a Purpose.

And TIAS found it’s purpose in empowering people and organisations towards this transition.

On this occasion the brand went back to the name TIAS and repositioned itself as TIAS. SCHOOL FOR BUSINESS AND SOCIETY.

This went together with of course a new logo, a new brand identity

and a new digital platform

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.44.24

And not to forget the new claim:

The Nr 1 Business School off the Netherlands.

When I heard this self assured claim on the radio

It really made me proud

Not only because I believe that it is true

But also because it indicates that finally TIAS has shed her introvert feathers

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-23 om 10.44.33

To conclude:

TIAS is the brand you all selected a while ago

And TIAS is the brand of which you get your Master Degree today.

I am sure it will give you all a very good feeling

That in the 18 years behind us,

TIAS has developed itself

from an unknown quality product

to a well respected brand, known for something good

into a brand that is Loved

because it stands for something,

something people really care about.

For me TIAS is a Love Brand

A Love Brand is a brand that is able to create loyalty beyond reason

My experience with TIAS is

that the brand is not only able to create loyalty

It also gives back loyalty

(For instance by keeping involving and inviting alumni like me)

You will all experience this in the future yourself.

It is an honour for me

To welcome all of you, as new Brand Advocates

As advocates, from a Brand to Love

I am convinced that as Alumni from

TIAS School for Business and Society

You all will make a ground-breaking contribution

to both commerce and society

While doing that just keep in mind the following:

Opportunities are all around for those who wonder with a curious eye

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